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All about introducer System and can the Registrar add / remove introduces at a later stage?

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What is Introducer system and who are eligible for this system? Searching to know about ‘Introducer’ then you is at the correct place, this article will tell you all about Introducer. Let’s have a glance
UIDAI identifies that few people particularly children’s, refugee workers, women’s, traveling tribes, homeless, metropolitan poor people and many other may not provide documents proofs and proof of address for Aadhar enrollment.
To get over this insertion of these individual for Aadhar, the introducer system has been created by the data standards committee which is similar to the introducer framework pursued by the bank to open bank accounts.
The main intention to launch this introducer system is to facilitate enclosure for the people into the UID system who cannot provide proof of identity and address, with this pre-designated “introducer” they can initiate for the Aadhar number. This introducer system is feasible only for those who doesn’t exist any PoA and PoI documents.

Introducers are the persons (example like Registrar’s employees, members of local organization bodies, influencers like doctors and teachers, Anganwadi workers, postmen, elected members and diplomat of local NGO’s )who  recognized by the Registrar and registered as ‘introducers’ in UIDAI’s CIDR . The introducers are mostly selected by Registrars and sometimes ‘introducers’ may also select by UIDAI.
These introducers will be linked directly to a registrar (one or more) so, they can only introduce people with Registrar’s authority if needed a Registrar can add limited actions of an introduced by state district level.
What are the Eligibility to become an introducer?
Here are the eligibility criteria to become an introducer

  1. Introducer should be above 18 years of age
  2. Introducer must not have been prisoner for any offense (self-declaration for the same to be taken)
  3. Introducer must have an Aadhaar number earlier before appointment; these requirement have been issued basis PoI/PoA verification (i.e., an Introducer cannot have been enrolled through another Introducer)
  4. Introducer must be easily available to residents
Here are the Liabilities & obligations of introducers
Liabilities of the introducers:
  • Introducer conspires with the person to imitate another person at the time of enrolment.
  • The introducer helps Aadhaar holders which intentionally takes the characteristics of another person by changing their demographic information or provides fake biometric information.
Obligation if the introducer
  • Introducer verifies the uniqueness and address of the resident they are introducing
  • Introducer doesn’t charge any fees for introducing residents
  • Introducer should only introduce residents who don't accomplish documentary proof of identity or address
 Can the registrar add or remove introduces at a later stage?
Registrars can add or modify and remove introduces at a later stage, you have modification possibility in introduced at the later stage also and UIDAI supports registrars to analysis the performance of the introducers as on – going basis and they can make changes in the list as required.
This all about “Introducer System” hope had a great time with the article. Please your suggestions with us through the comments

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Checking Aadhar Card status by Name and Date of Birth on UIDAI portal

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Hello!!!! Want to check your Aadhar card status with Date of Birth and Name? Don’t panic here this article will explain you complete process of checking Aadhar status by Name and DOB. Let’s have a look
As per the present fast moving technology checking of Aadhar card status become very easy and convenient to each and every individual, now you can also check Aadhar card status through name and Date of Birth if you don’t have your ID details.
In case if you have lost or forgotten your EID details then no worries!!! UIDAI offers you a good opportunity to track your Aadhar status by Date of Birth and Name from anywhere in India at any time freely.
This new portal was launched by the UIDAI recently where you can track your Aadhar status with minimum details like Date of Birth and Name. So, let’s go into the process with this process you can get Aadhar Enrollment ID (EID).

Step by step process of checking Aadhar card status by Date of Birth and Name:
  1. Initially, go the UIDAI website or click here
  2. Click on the Enrollment No (EID) option which you can see at the top
  3. Now, enter your Name as per Enrollment Slip, in Step – 1
status image

  1. Give your E- mail Id and
  2. Register Mobile Number
  3. Here you can enter any one Email Id or Mobile Number
  4. Then, enter security code which is shown in the box
  5. Check all details once again and Click on ‘Get OTP’
  6. UIDAI verifies your details with its database, if your details are matched then it will send you OTP or
  7. If you EID details don’t match with their database then it will show you an error to try again!!!
  8. In the Step – 2 enter your OTP which you have received and click on the verify OTP.
  9. Now you will get another SMS / E- Mail with the details of Enrollment ID as Requested.
  10. Now you have got your Enrollment details, you can check Aadhar status easily
  11. Here you can check Aadhar card details through both offline and online.
  12. If you don’t have internet connection, then you have feasibility to get your details on your mobile
Different Offline modes to check Aadhar card details:
Aadhar card details through call:
UIDAI provide toll-free number to check the Aadhar card status
Toll Free Number – 1800 – 300- 1947
Aadhar status through SMS:
You can also get Aadhar status through SMS just you need to text messages to UIDAI with your register mobile as follows:
  • UID STATUS <14 digit enrollment number>
  • Sent it to 51969
  • That’s it you will get SMS with all the details
So, this is all about Checking Aadhar card status through Date of Birth and Name, hope this information useful for you and please share your suggestions with us through the comments below

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Essential Features and Benefits of Aadhaar

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Hi!!!! In our last article, we discussed all Aadhar Right… this article talks all about Features and Benefits of Aadhar. Let’s have a look

Features of Aadhar

Here are the few features of the Aadhar Portability:

Aadhar is a universal number, agencies and services can speak to the central unique Identification database from anywhere in the country to prove a beneficiary’s identity.

Electronic benefits transfers:

The UID facilitates bank account network which offers a secure and low-cost platform directly to remit benefits to the residents without the heavy costs connected today with benefits circulations and as a result the outflows in the current system also branched.

Control in residents with self – service:

By the use of Aadhar verification mechanism, the residents must be able to access up – to date details about their entitlements, claim services and restore their complaint directly from their mobile phones or other means.
In the case of self-service, security is secure using two verification factors on the resident’s mobile i.e., by confirming control of the residents registered mobile Number and awareness of the resident’s Aadhar PIN and these values are complaints with the Reserve Bank of India which is approved information for Mobile banking and payments.

Verification to Confirm privilege delivered to the beneficiary: 

UIDAI will offer online verification services for organizations who want to confirm a resident’s identity this service will allow confirmation of the right actually reaching the future beneficiary, it provides improved services through increased simplicity, clear responsibility, and clear checking would considerably improve admission and quality of entitlements to beneficiaries and the organization similar.

Benefits of the Aadhar:

       Below are the few benefits of Aadhar, let’s have glance:

Jan Dhan Yojana

The popular and world record scheme called Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) consider  Aadhar Number / card as an important and essential document to open the bank account. This is the benefits which can acquire on Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana areas Rupay Card, life and accidental insurance and much more, free zero balance savings account and much more...

Quick passport process:

If you provide Aadhar card as proof for the passport then you can avail it just in 10 days, for this format there will be police verification as per the rules and today Aadhar is compulsory to  get the passport.

Benefits of LPG Subsidy:

The Aadhar card will help you to get LPG Subsidy amount directly to the bank account and this DBTL scheme is called as PAHAL to avail this opportunity you need to be concerned your area distributor to link 14 digits Aadhaar number to the 17 digit LPG consumer number.Monthly Pension:
To receive monthly pension all pensioner need to register their Aadhar card number in respective department, this rule was started because there were been many fake incidents regarding receiver pension applications were produced as fake.

Provident Fund:

Aadhar card number is essential in Provident Fund, to get the provident fund money employees need to register their Aadhar card numbers with employee provident fund organization.
So, guys, these are the Features and Benefits of Aadhar don’t forget to link your Aadhar number to get above Benefits. Hope had a great time with the article and please share your suggestions with us below Stay Tuned!!!!

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All about UIDAI & protection of individual in UIDAI system

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Hello!!! In this article will see how UIDAI will collect quality data by the enrolment agency and how it verifies demographic information. Let’s us look
UIDAI takes several steps to ensure quality data and truth like
The gather data will be in a uniform format on a software client provided by UIDAI that has built in quality control and also UIDAI has empanelled enrolling agencies during an open request process.
Operative of enrolling agencies will have to be skilled and certified by training agencies empanelled by the UIDAI.
UIDAI will occasionally review the sequence followed by Registrars and enrolling organizations for Aadhaar enrolment

How demographic information is verified

There are 3 process of verification which is suitable for Aadhar enrolment as follows


  • Based on behind documents
  • Supported on introducer system
  • Supported on the national population registration procedure of public analysis

How grievances of residents be tackled

 UIDAI has been arranged a contact center to manage all questions and grievances and to serve as a single point of contact for the agencies. All the details of the contact center will be available on the website at the time of enrolment
The clients of this system are estimated to be inhabitants, registrars and enrolment organizations
Any resident need to seek enrolment which is given in a printed acknowledgment form with enrollment number, which facilitates the resident to make questions on his/her enrolment status by any statement channel of the contact centre.
A unique code will be given for each enrollment agency which will allows quick and pointed access to the contact centre that contains a practical helpdesk

How resident data is eliminate from Aadhar database

In case with other services gained from the government there will be no condition for exclusion the data of the residents from the database after getting his Aadhar. The data need to use for de- duplication after each and every new entry in the database so that all existing records can establish the uniqueness of the resident. After completion of this process Aadhaar will be allocated

Who can access UID database and how security can ensure?

Resident who has Aadhar number can be permitted to entrance to their own information which is stored in UID data base.
CIDR will follow strict access protocols to limit the database
The database is itself secured from hacking and other forms of cyber assaults
This is all about protection of the individual data in UIDAI system hopes had a great time with the article and please share your valuable suggestions with us through the comments below

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How to apply UIDAI Aadhaar Card online - process of Filling Aadhaar Application Form

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Hi!!!! Want to apply UIDAI Aadhar card online, Hanging with the process? No worries!!!! This article will explains you everything about applying Aadhaar online. Let’s have look
UIDAI Aadhaar card is very essential for every individual if you were not register yet, then start the registration as soon as possible. Government was providing various facilities for Indian to get Aadhar card in simple way.
Previous people need to wait in the queue for hours and hours to get Aadhaar card, but now you can get rid of that problem by booking appoint before you reach Aadhar center, the facility of booking Aadhar is avail in the UIDAI website.
There many Aadhar centers throughout the India where enrollment is free. You can get Aadhaar application from Aadhar enrollment centers. In case if you want to apply through internet then you need to visit the website of UIDIA.

Here is the step by step process to apply UIDAI Aadhar card online registration

  1. Go the website
  2. Here you will get online appointment form
  3. Now, fill the details like name, email and phone number. Fill the all the details correctly and perfectly so, that it doesn’t cause any trouble for getting Aadhaar card and
  4. the mobile need to be register and correct so that it will be used further if you need to do any modification online
  5. After filling the personal details, select enrolment center , date and time of appointment online
  6. It is very essential to visit Aadhaar center to register card irrespective of whether you obtain your Aadhaar form from online.

Process of Downloading Aadhar Card Application form in step by step:

If you want to download the application Click Here directly, to get application form and take a printout .which is valid in any enrolment center - 
The Aadhaar form for Enrollment and correction is unique throughout the India; the same form will be used in all other states.

Process of Filling Aadhaar enrolment Application Form in step by step:

If you want to fill the application form without any errors then mainly you need to identify the scenery of the information which is being required in the form. Firstly download the form and fill till carefully as said below, so that to avoid last moment mistakes.
  1. Initially remember that application need to be fill only in Capital Letters
  2. The Field 1 & 2 will be filled by the applicants from states where enrollment is been done by the National Population Registration, if you’re from other states then, these 2 fields should leave blank.
  3. In Field 3 you have to fill up Full Name, the spelling need to be supported by proof of identity
  4. In Field 4 & 5 you need to fill Date of Birth/ Age as per the birth certificates which will supports as proof of Identity.
  5. In Field 6, fill up the correct address with correct pin code. Then, enter mobile number which is in use and registered, the UIDIA will use your mobile number for updates for processing the Aadhaar card.
  6. In Field 7, fill Father/ mother/Spouse/ Guardian it can be optional for Adults. Moreover, if any child below 5 years of age then it is mandatory to enter the name of the parent or guardian with Aadhaar number.
  7. Field 8, asking for compliance from the applicant for allocation of their details with agencies like Banks, passport office and petroleum minister.
  8. Field 9, linking the present bank account with Aadhaar, its optional.
  9. Field 10, need to submit proof of identity, proof of address and other documents which need to be submit for verification.
  10. If you don’t have any proof of address in the name of applicant, generally in case of minor then they can provide proof of Head of the Family.
  11. Finally sigh the form and submit

This is all about how to Apply UIDAI Aadhaar Card online, hope it is useful to you and please share your experience with us below


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How to Check Aadhar Card Status

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Hello!!!! Searching for Aadhar card status, No… Worriers you are at the correct page this articles will give you all the details on how to check Aadhar card status. Let’s have a glance.
Presently Aadhar card is very essential for each and every citizen so, government also taking necessary proposal to launch the particular identification method for citizens. It is very important for bank accounts, passport, LPG subsidy and many more…
Checking Aadhar status is simple if we follow necessary instructions as discussed here. Initially you need to fill up the form with all the details properly and submit your application with all necessary documents along with finger print and scanning and official time given to get Aadhaar card from UIDAI is 3 months depending upon various reason.

But in the mean time you check status through online. To check status of Aadhaar card you must have Aadhaar enrollment slip which is given at the time registration.

Steps to check your Aadhaar card status:

  1. Go to the official website of UIDAI
  2. Page will be open as shown below


  1. Enter the enrollment number, date and time (fields which are highlighted with red mark are very mandatory) which is mentioned on your enrollment slip.
  2. Here the 14 digit enrolment number, 14 digit date and time of enrollment will be mentioned at the top of the acknowledgement card. Total 28 digits are formed as your temporary enrolment ID (EID).
  3. Now in the next block enter security code as given in the screen
  4. Click on “Check Status” button
  5. If your finger prints and all require documents accepted by the system then you will get a message as “Congratulations! Your Aadhar is generated and Aadhaar letter will be delivered shortly”.

So guys this is all about How to check Aadhar Status, hope with this article you may get out from all your confusion and helped you a lot!!! Please share your options and suggestions with us through the comments below. Stay tuned!!!!!


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How to update Aadhar card details and process of filling the application form – Offline

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Hello!!!! In the last article, we learned how to update Aadhar through online Right!!!! Now, in this article, we will learn How to update Aadhar card through offline. Let’s have look

           Aadhar is an essential document, now it is compulsory for many processes like Passport, LPG subsidy, Bank accounts and so on… sometimes our Aadhar card details will be printed wrongly where we need to update them immediately.
For this purpose, UIDAI made a decision where people can make an update for incorrect details which are printed in Aadhar card. You can update any details like Residency address, Mobile number, gender, name and more very simply and easily.
You can update your Aadhar card details through offline, people who doesn’t have register mobile number for them offline method is the best method to choose. Here you can update all your details and send through postal service

Process to Update Aadhar Card details – Offline Method:

Here is the step by step process for updating Aadhaar card through offline, let’s have a glance!!!!!
  1. Initially, go to the official website and click on the update or click on the link below
  1. You will get a page as shown

  1. Then, click on Download Form, an application form will be downloaded
  2. Fill the complete Aadhaar form with requiring details which you want to update.

Step by step filling of Update Aadhar Form:

  1. Firstly fill the form in English and as well as in the local language which was used at the time of enrolment in Aadhar.
  2. You need to fill up complete form irrespective of which field is to be updated.
  3. Write down your Full name by avoiding salutations / titles
  4. Write your complete address, as your Aadhar letter, will be posted to the same address.
  5. If you want to include your Parent/ spouse’s Guardian name as address, select the right box in C/O details and write the name of the person. It is not essential to give C/O details with the address.
  6. If you want to include then you need to provide full address and supporting document for the same.
  7. Fill exact mobile number to send the status of the Aadhar through SMS.
  8. After filling go through the all the details whether they are accurate or not and complete the form in both English and as well as local language.
  9. Self-sing on the documents only on which are required for the update / change in Aadhar card
  10. Now choose appropriate UIDAI office address to send the application form and require documents depending on the local language you filled.
  11. Here Office Address of UIDIA
Post Box No. 01
Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India
Post Box No.99,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500034,
  1. Mark as “Aadhar update / correction” on the top of the envelope and seal it correctly
  2. That’s it; after updating of your Aadhar Card as per your requirement the card will be sent to your address.

            So, this is how the process of filling the update Aadhar application Form, hope it help you. Please share your suggestions with us through the comments below.


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