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All about introducer System and can the Registrar add / remove introduces at a later stage?

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What is Introducer system and who are eligible for this system? Searching to know about ‘Introducer’ then you is at the correct place, this article will tell you all about Introducer. Let’s have a glance
UIDAI identifies that few people particularly children’s, refugee workers, women’s, traveling tribes, homeless, metropolitan poor people and many other may not provide documents proofs and proof of address for Aadhar enrollment.
To get over this insertion of these individual for Aadhar, the introducer system has been created by the data standards committee which is similar to the introducer framework pursued by the bank to open bank accounts.
The main intention to launch this introducer system is to facilitate enclosure for the people into the UID system who cannot provide proof of identity and address, with this pre-designated “introducer” they can initiate for the Aadhar number. This introducer system is feasible only for those who doesn’t exist any PoA and PoI documents.

Introducers are the persons (example like Registrar’s employees, members of local organization bodies, influencers like doctors and teachers, Anganwadi workers, postmen, elected members and diplomat of local NGO’s )who  recognized by the Registrar and registered as ‘introducers’ in UIDAI’s CIDR . The introducers are mostly selected by Registrars and sometimes ‘introducers’ may also select by UIDAI.
These introducers will be linked directly to a registrar (one or more) so, they can only introduce people with Registrar’s authority if needed a Registrar can add limited actions of an introduced by state district level.
What are the Eligibility to become an introducer?
Here are the eligibility criteria to become an introducer

  1. Introducer should be above 18 years of age
  2. Introducer must not have been prisoner for any offense (self-declaration for the same to be taken)
  3. Introducer must have an Aadhaar number earlier before appointment; these requirement have been issued basis PoI/PoA verification (i.e., an Introducer cannot have been enrolled through another Introducer)
  4. Introducer must be easily available to residents
Here are the Liabilities & obligations of introducers
Liabilities of the introducers:
  • Introducer conspires with the person to imitate another person at the time of enrolment.
  • The introducer helps Aadhaar holders which intentionally takes the characteristics of another person by changing their demographic information or provides fake biometric information.
Obligation if the introducer
  • Introducer verifies the uniqueness and address of the resident they are introducing
  • Introducer doesn’t charge any fees for introducing residents
  • Introducer should only introduce residents who don't accomplish documentary proof of identity or address
 Can the registrar add or remove introduces at a later stage?
Registrars can add or modify and remove introduces at a later stage, you have modification possibility in introduced at the later stage also and UIDAI supports registrars to analysis the performance of the introducers as on – going basis and they can make changes in the list as required.
This all about “Introducer System” hope had a great time with the article. Please your suggestions with us through the comments

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