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All about UIDAI – Aadhar

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Hello!!!!! You might have many questions on UIDAI like what is UIDAI, Aadhar and so…on… no worries!!! This article will give you complete information on UIDAI. Let’s have a look

What is Aadhar?

           Aadhar is a 12 digit individual identification number which is issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI); this number will serve as proof of identity and address anywhere in India. You can receive this Aadhar through Indian post or you can download e-Aadhar from UIDAI Website which is equally valid.

Who can Enroll Aadhar?

Any person, irrespective of age and gender who is occupant in India and assuring the verification process approved by the UIDAI can enroll for Aadhar. Each person should enroll at least once and it is free of cost.
This Aadhar Number will be unique for each individual person and it will be valid throughout the life and this Aadhar Number will help you to afford in different ways like mobile phone connections, banking and many government and non – government services.
Aadhar is a voluntary for any individual who interested to have an Aadhaar number for himself and herself, since Aadhaar is for every individual, it will be different for all in the family which characterizes uniqueness of each individual

Aadhar determination:

It is a distinctive and good enough to eliminate to eliminate large numbers of fake and duplicate identities from both private and government database.
It can be verifiable easily in online in cost effective way
An indiscriminate number created, devoid of any organization found on caste, religion, faith and characteristics.

Concept of UIDAI:

The trade name of the Unique Identification number will be Aadhar, The unique numbers which provided the name and logo issued by the UIDAI is developed with the concept of the informational prospective of the program. Overall it commune the core and sprit of the UIDAI’s permission to people throughout the country.
UIDAI’s consent is to issue unique identification number to each and every resident which links the resident’s statistic and biometric information that can be used to identify themselves from anywhere in India.
The number which is called as UID still has been named as Aadhar which means “support” this word is present all over the Indian languages. So, it can be used for branding and communication of the UIDAI program in country.

About UIDAI:

UIDAI is a Unique Identification Authority of India it is government organization in New Delhi which serves responsibility of issuing authority for Aadhar, this organization is managed by the government to develop, set and identify the important communications for issuing Aadhar cards.
UIDAI was recognized in the year 20009 and it works as a part of planning commission of India. This organization issues cards depending on numerous registration agencies collected of situation owned individuals and as well as from departments of public sector banks. Presently UIDAI had issued 20 crores Aadhar UID numbers and cards all aver the India.
All the works in UIDAI will be conference with the Registrar General of India which is liable for survey data in India. The log of the Aadhar is designed as a sun in red and yellow along with the fingerprint sketched across its center which converse the effect of vision for Aadhar.

It symbolizes a new wan of equal chances for every individual, a down which appears from the uniqueness from the number assurances for every individual.
So, this all about UIDAI – Aadhar hope had a great time with the article. Please share your suggestions with us below in comments and stay tune!!!!! next article we know Benefits and Features of Aadhar



  2. I went to the Aadhaar Centre on 08-11-2016 but my ‘work’ was not done as my finger prints (both hands) were not matching their standards!
    The employee was courteous and tried my finger prints several times but my little fingers of both hands are so smooth that no proper prints were showing!
    Now, my question is: What is the ‘provision’ for those persons whose finger prints are not up to the standards?
    The UIDAI should suggest any other option besides finger prints as I had to return empty handed without any Enrolment No.!

  3. sir pls guide me why e aadhar is not valid by vyapam in mp (PEB) as a id proff for giving exam than what a meaning of digital india when our govt valid our e aadhar card print

  4. Mohammed Khaja Pasha my adhar plz send pin 5i4101 Mobil 7411350400

  5. Plz send my adhar card number my phone 7411350400

  6. Mere Aadhar card main mobile number koye sa nhai hai main apna mobile number dalna chata hu

  7. Mere Aadhar card main mobile number koye sa nhai hai main apna mobile number dalna chata hu

  8. Sir, my aadhar card is lost.then pls tell me how to get my old aadhar or new aadhar .

  9. My father,s adhar card has gone
    My mobile no is 7897232550
    How to find adharcard

  10. My father,s adhar card has gone
    My mobile no is 7897232550
    How to find adharcard

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