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All about UIDAI & protection of individual in UIDAI system

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Hello!!! In this article will see how UIDAI will collect quality data by the enrolment agency and how it verifies demographic information. Let’s us look
UIDAI takes several steps to ensure quality data and truth like
The gather data will be in a uniform format on a software client provided by UIDAI that has built in quality control and also UIDAI has empanelled enrolling agencies during an open request process.
Operative of enrolling agencies will have to be skilled and certified by training agencies empanelled by the UIDAI.
UIDAI will occasionally review the sequence followed by Registrars and enrolling organizations for Aadhaar enrolment

How demographic information is verified

There are 3 process of verification which is suitable for Aadhar enrolment as follows


  • Based on behind documents
  • Supported on introducer system
  • Supported on the national population registration procedure of public analysis

How grievances of residents be tackled

 UIDAI has been arranged a contact center to manage all questions and grievances and to serve as a single point of contact for the agencies. All the details of the contact center will be available on the website at the time of enrolment
The clients of this system are estimated to be inhabitants, registrars and enrolment organizations
Any resident need to seek enrolment which is given in a printed acknowledgment form with enrollment number, which facilitates the resident to make questions on his/her enrolment status by any statement channel of the contact centre.
A unique code will be given for each enrollment agency which will allows quick and pointed access to the contact centre that contains a practical helpdesk

How resident data is eliminate from Aadhar database

In case with other services gained from the government there will be no condition for exclusion the data of the residents from the database after getting his Aadhar. The data need to use for de- duplication after each and every new entry in the database so that all existing records can establish the uniqueness of the resident. After completion of this process Aadhaar will be allocated

Who can access UID database and how security can ensure?

Resident who has Aadhar number can be permitted to entrance to their own information which is stored in UID data base.
CIDR will follow strict access protocols to limit the database
The database is itself secured from hacking and other forms of cyber assaults
This is all about protection of the individual data in UIDAI system hopes had a great time with the article and please share your valuable suggestions with us through the comments below


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