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How to update Aadhar card details and process of filling the application form – Offline

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Hello!!!! In the last article, we learned how to update Aadhar through online Right!!!! Now, in this article, we will learn How to update Aadhar card through offline. Let’s have look

           Aadhar is an essential document, now it is compulsory for many processes like Passport, LPG subsidy, Bank accounts and so on… sometimes our Aadhar card details will be printed wrongly where we need to update them immediately.
For this purpose, UIDAI made a decision where people can make an update for incorrect details which are printed in Aadhar card. You can update any details like Residency address, Mobile number, gender, name and more very simply and easily.
You can update your Aadhar card details through offline, people who doesn’t have register mobile number for them offline method is the best method to choose. Here you can update all your details and send through postal service

Process to Update Aadhar Card details – Offline Method:

Here is the step by step process for updating Aadhaar card through offline, let’s have a glance!!!!!
  1. Initially, go to the official website and click on the update or click on the link below
  1. You will get a page as shown

  1. Then, click on Download Form, an application form will be downloaded
  2. Fill the complete Aadhaar form with requiring details which you want to update.

Step by step filling of Update Aadhar Form:

  1. Firstly fill the form in English and as well as in the local language which was used at the time of enrolment in Aadhar.
  2. You need to fill up complete form irrespective of which field is to be updated.
  3. Write down your Full name by avoiding salutations / titles
  4. Write your complete address, as your Aadhar letter, will be posted to the same address.
  5. If you want to include your Parent/ spouse’s Guardian name as address, select the right box in C/O details and write the name of the person. It is not essential to give C/O details with the address.
  6. If you want to include then you need to provide full address and supporting document for the same.
  7. Fill exact mobile number to send the status of the Aadhar through SMS.
  8. After filling go through the all the details whether they are accurate or not and complete the form in both English and as well as local language.
  9. Self-sing on the documents only on which are required for the update / change in Aadhar card
  10. Now choose appropriate UIDAI office address to send the application form and require documents depending on the local language you filled.
  11. Here Office Address of UIDIA
Post Box No. 01
Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India
Post Box No.99,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500034,
  1. Mark as “Aadhar update / correction” on the top of the envelope and seal it correctly
  2. That’s it; after updating of your Aadhar Card as per your requirement the card will be sent to your address.

            So, this is how the process of filling the update Aadhar application Form, hope it help you. Please share your suggestions with us through the comments below.



  1. I went to the Aadhaar Centre on 08-11-2016 but my ‘work’ was not done as my finger prints (both hands) were not matching their standards!
    The employee was courteous and tried my finger prints several times but my little fingers of both hands are so smooth that no proper prints were showing!
    Now, my question is: What is the ‘provision’ for those persons whose finger prints are not up to the standards?
    The UIDAI should suggest any other option besides finger prints as I had to return empty handed without any Enrolment No.!

  2. My aadhar card online I'm print out how to