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How to update Aadhar card Online – UIDAI

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Hello!!!! Want to update your Aadhar card details? Hanging with the process, No worriers you are on the correct page this article will tells you complete details on how to update your Aadhaar card. Let’s have a glance!!!!!!

There many conditions where we need to make few changes in Aadhar card like name, DOB, Mobile Number and so on… this called as Aadhar card updates. The reasons for updating can be anything like getting married or information enters wrongly in the application form.
UIDAI has been received many grievances by printing wrong details in Aadhaar cards for this UIDAI made decision where people can make changes for incorrect details which are printed in Aadhar card. You can update any details like Residency address, Mobile number, gender, name and more very simply and easily.

Here you can update your Aadhar card in 2 options through Online Method and Offline Method. You can update online through Aadhaar website in simple way and the other option is Offline method, where you can send the details to UIDAI enrolment center using postal service.

Process to Update Aadhar Card details - Online Method:

Below you have a step by step process for update Aadhaar card details through online, lets us see. To update your Aadhar card details you need to have 2 things handily, one is your Aadhaar number and second one is registered mobile number for OTP.
If you don’t have mobile then it better to choose other option, postal service.
  1. Initially go to the official website click on the update and visit Aadhaar Self Service update portal The page will be appeared as shown below


  1. Click on the Update Aadhar Data, you get a page as follows

  1. Enter 12 digit Aadhar card Number in the first block which is mentioned on your Aadhar card.
  2. Then in the next block enter verification code given below
  3. Then click on send OTP, you will get OTP on your mobile enter the OTP.
  4. Then, you will get Data Update request page here you need to select the change which you want to make by checking the small boxes on the each field.
  5. You can make more than one change at a time.
  6. Then after changes click on the “Submit” button below the page to proceed next.
  7. Now you will get, page by asking applicant details for updating like address, spelling of the name , mobile number and so on…. After completing the changes then click on “Submit Update Request”
  8. Next you will get a page with all the modify details which were updated by you, go through the all the details and click on “Modify”
  9. After clicking on modify button, you need to upload documents. Documents must be related as per modification. Here documents can be uploaded by Microsoft word, PDF and image (png, gif, jpg, bmp).
  10. Next, most important thing is you need to select agencies from the list of data processing Agencies (BPO’S) designation by UIDAI to process the data.
  11. After successful selection, you will get Uniform Request Number (URN) on screen as well as through SMS.
  12. You can use this UAN along with 12 digit Aadhaar card number to check the status.
This is all about how to Update Aadhar Card through Online. Hope this article helps you as per your need. Please share your suggestions with us below through comments. Stay Tuned!!!!!!! Our next article explain you how to update Aadhar Card through Offline.


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    what should i do
    she dont have registered mobile number with aadhar card
    she doesnt have birth certificate
    no pancard
    no school living or dont have any docment where full date of birth is mentioned.

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