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Security in UIDAI system – How they protect individual and their information

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All about the security in UIDAI system, what action they implement to safeguard the individual information, what objects they take to protect the information and so on…. Let’s have a look!!!!!!!!
UIDAI protects the individual and their information naturally with the design of the UIDAI protection, Forms with random numbers that doesn’t disclose anything about individuals to other characteristics are given below.
 UID project maintains the attention of the resident at the center of its function and objectives. Here is few point how they safeguard the information as we discussed above.
  1. Accumulating limited information

The gathered information by UIDAI is purposely to issue Aadhar Number and to confirm the identity of the Aadhar number holders it gathers basic details to finding the identity. The detail includes such as Date of Birth , name, Gender, Address, parent / Guardian’s name (only for children) email – id , mobile number . It also gathers biometric information to finding the individuality  like 10 fingerprints, iris, and photo.

  1. Data privacy and security

UIDAI has a commitment to guarantee the security and privacy of the data collected, the data will be gathered based  on software offered by the UIDAI and encrypted to prevent trickle in shipment  and the information is gathered by the trained and certified enrollers where they don’t have right to use the data collected.
UIDAI has an inclusive security strategy to make sure the safety and honor of its data, it includes the information security plan and policies for the CIDR and methods for elevating the obedience of the UIDAI and its constricting agencies and they also have strict and strong protocols around that place.
They severe penalty for any security defiance  and also include the penalty for revealing identity information and there will severe penalty  for unauthorized access to the CIDR and there will be the penalty for corrupting  the dated in CIDR.

  1. No outlining and tracking information gathered.

UIDAI policy  blocks it from gathering sensitive personal information like religion, community, class, caste, society health and income  the data collected is limited which require for recognition and identity confirmation So, there no changes for outlining the individual  by the UID.
The UIDAI eliminated the ‘place of birth’ from the list of the information which they planned top gathered initially as per the feedback of CSOs which can be guided for outlining  and it also didn’t gather ant transaction details of an individual.
  1. Assembling and linking of UIDAI information to another database

The database of the UID is not linked to any other database it serves only for the purpose of verifying the person’s identity at the time of getting the service with the approval of Aadhar number holder  and the database of the UID will be safeguarded electronically and physically through the selected individuals with high authorization.
All the entered data will be logged accurately and the data will be protected with the best encryption and in an extremely  safe data vault.

    5.Liberate Information

UIDAI doesn’t liberate the personal information in Aadhar database and UIDAI is banned from revealing the information , the only says yes or no to request to verify an identity. It only gives the exception with the order of a court or from the joint secretary with sensible exclusion.
This is all about Security in UADAI system. Hope had a great time with the article and please share your valuable suggestion with us below.


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