Sunday, October 30, 2016

Why is Aadhar so Compulsory

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 Guys!!!!! Do you know why Aadhar is so essential? If your Answer is No… then let‘s know why is Aadhar so essential. This article will give you complete information of importance of Aadhar. Let’s have a glance.
Aadhar... Aadhar..!!!!!!!  Now a day’s everywhere we listening about Aadhaar Right!!! Why it becomes so popular, what are its benefits? Here our article discussed few necessary and important things on Aadhar. Hope it useful to us!!
The government has recognized the important of unique identification number as a social security number and it has taking up many proposals to launch a particular identification method of its citizen such as in developed countries where the social security number provide every information of the citizen to the government.
It is a 12 digit number which is generated automatically to each and every citizen to keep track of population and migration status in the country and it’s like one time number which is given irrespective of their caste, social background, and religion. The UIDIA will take the fingerprint, retain scan, and address proof and photograph of every citizen.

The government also linking the Aadhar card to gas agencies to provide gas cylinders to customers and with this they can have the record of citizens, calculation of population and GDP and other statistics become quick and easier.

How to get Aadhar card

Aadhar card is made for free of cost in enrollment centers, the Aadhar enrollment center was everywhere in the state. There is no charge for the Aadhar card if anyone asks for money then you can connect to UIDAI immediately

Here are the few important why Aadhar card is compulsory in your life:

Aadhar card for passport:

recently government declares Aadhar is essential to document for new passport, he / she can be denied if they don’t have their Aadhaar card

Aadhar is Digital ID proof:

Aadhaar can be identity proof of every individual in future as the details of the Aadhaar card are kept as secures in online servers; it verifies the identity of bio -metrically it can confirm the identity of its holder.

LPG Subsidy :

government started PAHAL Scheme where the subsidy amount of LPG cylinder is directly changed to Aadhar number which is linked to Bank account if they have Aadhar card they are eligible to have the benefits of LPG subsidy

Aadhar for New SIM card :

government has proposed Aadhar card as essential document to purchase a SIM, no Aadhaar card no SIM

Aadhar card for new Vehicle:

government declares Aadhaar card is essential for buying vehicle in the state and also for getting driving licenses

Aadhar is important for Government employees:

Modi has brought a proposal to bring Aadhar card in the use to tie it with the attendance of government employee.

Aadhar download facility:

You can have a facility of downloading the E- Aadhar card which is provided by UIDAI to the enrollees. With the details on Acknowledgment slip you can download E – Aadhar card online
Not only above, there are many other services where Aadhar is essential to us like bank account openings, applying for PAN card, marriage registration, property registration, payment of MGNREGA wages, distribution of food subsidies and much more...
This is all about why Aadhar is Compulsory so, guys!!! Hurry up to enroll for Aadhar card if you don’t have, so that you can get rid of all these problems in future and please share your suggestion if any, with us below